The Problem

Approximately 8 million metric tons of waste plastics are added to our polluted oceans annually. Even when extracted, the diverse mixture of unsorted thermoplastic, thermoset and composite materials creates a recycling challenge. Compared to virgin plastic or “land-based” plastic waste, ocean plastic waste (OPW) is severely weathered by UV radiation and saltwater and fouled by marine life, resulting in problematic recycling. 

Our Approach

Altisora, LLC’s approach overcomes these challenges through the development of OPW asphalt additives that increase road strength and durability while reducing construction and maintenance costs. 

Our first-generation product uses a mixture of OPW. The product addresses needs in the high performance-based modified asphalt market segment in the United States. This market values strong performance and the margins help offset OPW collection costs. 

Market Opportunity

  • Market is receptive to recycling as economic benefits have been achieved using reclaimed asphalt and shingles.
  • Recycled plastics have been used in over 2500 km of roads in India providing improved performance and lower raw material costs.
  • New road construction and infrastructure improvements provide ample distribution opportunities. The asphalt paving and additive markets have growth rates of 3.5% and 6%, respectively.

Benefits of Approach

  • Improve road construction economics with OPW as a competitive feedstock.
  • Reduce OPW cleaning and sorting costs because pavement, unlike consumer products, does not require pristine raw material purity.
  • Recycle OPW in a product where the same “plastic molecules” are not revisited frequently. Asphalt roads last 25 years. Consumer products last 3 years.

Our Methodology

Our product formulation and development is being carried out at the University of Houston Innovation Center.  We are leveraging commercial and university laboratories for asphalt characterization and materials testing. Additionally, we collaborate with environmental organizations  to procure traceable OPW.

Saving Our Oceans and Paving a More  Sustainable Future

Radical innovation, for the betterment of life