Waterproof foamed concrete

AltiSora is developing technology that will produce  integrally waterproof foamed concrete. We have developed a concrete (or cement) additive (or admixture), that allows the production of a lightweight (foamed) concrete with a high integral waterproofing under hydrostatic conditions. This type of admixture is commonly referred to as a permeability reducing agent for use under conditions of hydrostatic pressure (HPRA). Our technology allows entrained air to be captured in a closed cell configuration, enclosed in a integral waterproof concrete matrix. Air content (density) and bubble size can be adjusted to fit specific requirements. The technology can be used in a variety of applications. One exciting possibility is the construction of flat concrete roofs that will be light weight, with built in waterproofing and good thermal insulation. Other applications may include foundation slabs, building basements, water conduits and reservoirs, etc.

Photograph showing an example of AltiSora’s Integral Waterproof Foamed Concrete, with 16% air content.


Thermoreversible Gel

AltiSora has developed a water insoluble thermo-reversible gel with delayed gelling properties for a specific application and the technology is now available for utilization in other applications. The gel is a solid at a lower given temperature, but change into a low viscosity liquid above a threshold temperature. It remains liquid upon cooling, followed by delayed gelation below the threshold temperature. The liquid viscosity, melt point, time delay and mechanical properties at the lower temperature can all be adjusted in the formulation. 

Graphical illustration of thermoreversible properties of the gel.