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Our projects drive transformational growth and new technology development through industrial and academic partnerships. We develop solutions using polymers, surfactants, adhesives, coatings and engineering for a variety of markets

Improving Ecosystems through Ocean Plastic Re-use

Every year 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans. Nets bottles and ropes create large floating garbage patches that that trap and kill marine life while decomposing into microplastics that permeate the entire food chain. Ocean plastic is a big problem that needs a big solution.
AltiSora is developing technology that reuse ocean plastic into building and construction products. Our goal is to improve our nation’s infrastructure while

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Enhancing Energy Efficiency

AltiSora is developing technology for energy recovery in dehydration processes used in the food and beverage industry. Our approach overcomes the challenges of non-condensing gases that considerably reduce heat transfer efficiency.

Creating  Products from Sustainable Materials

AltiSora is developing a composite materials using renewal materials and working to create products of different shapes and sizes at various thicknesses and densities.

Reducing Landfill Volumes with Renewed Refractory 

Every year, an estimated 28 million ton of used refractory materials are disposed of globally. AltiSora is working on technology that will improve the recycling processes to ultimately reduce CO2 emissions and landfill volumes, while conserving natural resources




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